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Why Choose the Cardionics Learning System?

Our Learning System is an innovative, holistic approach to auscultation and clinical education. With over a dozen products easily interconnected, the Learning System comprises comprehensive, instructive instruments in the classroom, simulation laboratory, and online.

Our goal is to give students the opportunity to practice critical skills in a fun, engaging way by equipping them with the most advanced tools available.



Learning System Products

SimulScope® Bedside Auscultation System

SimulScope® Bedside Auscultation System


The SimulScope allows clinicians and students the ability to hear live patient physiological sounds with up to 20 people simultaneously. The SimulScope is designed to provide targeted, bedside instruction for students, while minimizing intrusion on the patient. It is also beneficial in classrooms and simulation centers when auscultating simulators or manikins.

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What Is the SimulScope Bedside Auscultation System?

The SimulScope provides less intrusion on patients as only one stethoscope is placed on him or her. It is also effective in the simulation lab or classroom when used with simulators or manikins.

Changing from low frequency to high frequency is easy with the SimulScope. Landmarks are provided on the unit to indicate best settings for both heart and breath sounds.

This FDA approved product is popular in both universities and hospitals.



Product Features

  • Excellent for bedside instruction

  • Sounds can be connected to a computer for recording and playback

  • Includes SimulScope carrying case

  • Available optional 3-Wire ECG function


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