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  • SAM 3G® — Student Auscultation Manikin

  • Bionic Hybrid Simulator™

  • SimBP™ Simulator for Blood Pressure

  • SAM II® — Student Auscultation Manikin

  • SimShirt® System

  • SimScope®

  • Nikki the Nursing Manikin with Auscultation

  • SAM Online®

  • PAT® – Pediatric Auscultation Trainer

  • PAT Basic®

  • SAM Basic®

  • IV Injection Arm and SimBP Simulation Kit

  • Classroom Infrared Emitter™

  • Auditorium Infrared Sound System™

  • Speaker System for SAM® and PAT® manikins

  • Pulse-Training System (PTS)

  • Self-Teaching System (STS) for Cardiac Auscultation


Cardionics provides a complete line of medical simulators for auscultation training, standardized patient clinical skill training and blood pressure training. Students will quickly learn to identify sounds with the most comprehensive sound library offered by Cardionics. This unique sound library includes simulated sounds as well as real sounds, so instructors can choose for their scenario simulation depending on the skill level of the medical students.

For Standardized Patient training, Cardionics offers the world renowned Bionic Hybrid Simulator™ – also called BHS™ – which is a wearable simulator to improve any skill training with standardized patients.

With the line of SAM and PAT manikins for adult and pediatric auscultation training, Cardionics has revolutionized the way students learn and practice their auscultation skills.

In addition, Cardionics offers a remote training solution for auscultation called SAM Online®. Especially in the past year, this solution has proven to be an invaluable tool for educators and institutions around the world to get students to continue their auscultation skill training no matter where they are.

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