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Why Choose the Cardionics Learning System?

Our Learning System is an innovative, holistic approach to auscultation and clinical education. With over a dozen products easily interconnected, the Learning System comprises comprehensive, instructive instruments in the classroom, simulation laboratory, and online.

Our goal is to give students the opportunity to practice critical skills in a fun, engaging way by equipping them with the most advanced tools available.



Learning System Products

Self-Teaching System (STS) for Cardiac Auscultation

Self-Teaching System (STS) for Cardiac Auscultation


The Self-Teaching System (STS) is a guided program that introduces students to cardiac auscultation. The four-course system includes the STS software, pulse palpator, sounds reproducer, and 50-page illustrated workbook.

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What Is the Self-Teaching System (STS) for Cardiac Auscultation?

The UTMB Self-Teaching System (STS) is a system for individual student self-instruction in cardiac auscultation. This system was developed at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, Texas.

Product Details

The lessons include:

  • Introduction to Cardiac Auscultation and Normal Heart Sounds

  • The Normal Variant Heart Sounds

  • Abnormal Heart Sounds

  • Murmurs



Product Features

  • Introduction to cardiac auscultation

  • Normal variant heart sounds

  • Abnormal heart sounds and murmurs


What’s Included

  • Software

  • Individual text workbooks

  • Sounds reproducer

  • Pulse reproducer


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