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Why Choose the Cardionics Clinical System?

Our Clinical System provides reliable equipment to medical professionals that is imperative to proper auscultation. Consisting of a line of electronic stethoscopes, the Clinical System enables physicians to amplify and analyze physiological sounds. For medical professionals or students with hearing loss, we offer top-grade solutions through our line of electronic stethoscopes.



Clinical System Products

Clinical E-Scope®

Clinical E-Scope®


The E-Scope (Electronic Stethoscope) Clinical Model allows medical professionals to auscultate with increased volume by amplifying sounds up to 30 times louder than an acoustic scope. The E-Scope is popular around the world in clinics, hospitals, research laboratories, and telemedicine settings. Additionally, the E-Scope can be paired with an accessory cord to broadcast sounds through speakers or other audio outputs.

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What Is the Clinical E-Scope?

The E-Scope Electronic Stethoscope - can amplify sounds up to 30 times louder than an acoustic scope. This allows the user to listen in a traditional way with increased volume.

The E-Scope is being used around the world in general clinical practice by hearing-impaired nurses and MDs for research purposes, to record patients for use in electronic medical records, and for telemedicine.

The E-Scope has a control filter switch which allows the user to concentrate on heart or breath sound frequencies within a specific range. The control buttons are conveniently located on the head of the stethoscope (pictured). Volume is also controlled on the head of the stethoscope. The E-Scope is designed to remain at the same volume setting each time you power on. There are 32 possible volume positions with the maximum output of 125 dB, undistorted.



Product Features

  • Quick-change battery operated

  • USB-style side output jack

  • Specialist adult diaphragm

  • Accessory carrying case included

  • Unlimited technical support


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