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University of Texas Medical Branch

Focused on medical education quality

Discover the University of Texas Medical Branch and it's notable history of training medical students, along with it's commitment to advancing the state of medical education.

Learn about UTMB's focus on improving their student's physical assessment skills through the use of simulation. Meet Dr. Bill Boudreaux and learn about his approach to enhancing UTMB's student education experience.

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California Health Sciences University

Raising the bar on Pharmacist Education programs

Learn about the California Health Sciences University College of Pharmacy and its forward-thinking mission to transform pharmacy into a primary care profession.

Discover why the CHSU faculty focuses on helping its students to develop solid clinical skills, and read about their approach to accomplishing that goal as they prepare their students to become leaders in their field.

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Siena College

Siena Launches New Nursing Program for RNs Seeking Bachelor's Degree

(Siene College News, April 6, 2016) - The growing demand for registered nurses to earn bachelor’s degrees in nursing often creates a scheduling nightmare for RNs who return to school for their degree while continuing to work full-time.

Siena College announced today that it is addressing that challenge with the creation of the new Baldwin Nursing Program — a bachelor of science degree in nursing completion program for RNs who hold an associate’s degree.

In establishing its first-ever nursing program, Siena has taken the innovative approach of scheduling on-campus classes on Wednesdays, providing nurses and employers with a predictable schedule....

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Dr. Linda Mason Barber

Committed to Nurse Education Excellence

Meet Linda A. Mason Barber, an experienced cardiac Adult Nurse Practitioner, a passionate nurse educator and a frequent presenter on the topic of nurse education.

Learn about Linda's thoughts on the need to continually advance the quality of nurse education and her focus on clinical skills development. See how she's addressed the need to connect theory with practical application.

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Dr. Jessica Dunkley

"Edmonton Woman fights the odds to make history in Canada's medical world"

Global News, March 27, 2014) - Dr. Jessica Dunkley has overcome incredible odds to become one of Canada’s first deaf doctors. It’s a career she first thought about when she was 10, but one that – back then – seemed unattainable.

“It was more of a dream, a fantasy, but not real…because the reality of working in health care as a person with hearing loss or being deaf – it’s hard. And there was no real role models out there.”

Born to deaf parents who hadn’t attended university, Dunkley didn’t even consider post secondary education as an option at first. As her interest in medicine grew, though, she decided to study physiotherapy. It was then that she learned about a special electronic stethoscope...

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LifeNet Health

"One year after organ donation, a mother hears her son's heartbeat"

(Daily Press, August 9, 2016) - Susan Hanson first heard her son's heartbeat during an ultrasound in 1981.

She heard it again Monday, nearly one year after his death, sustaining the life of another man.

It happened at the offices of LifeNet Health in Virginia Beach, which spent months coordinating a meeting between Hanson, of Newport News, and Jerry Hayes, of Louisburg, N.C.

Hayes, 56, received the heart of Jordan Gill, who died last August from injuries suffered after the crash of his all-terrain vehicle. He was 33 years old. Although his life was cut short, he wasn't done giving life to others. And that has helped Hanson deal with the loss of her son....

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Trakya Üniversitesi Tip Fakültesi

(Medical Faculty of Trakya University)

(AA News - May 6,2016) - Isitme engeli oldugu için "bölüm degistir" denilen Trakya Üniversitesi Tip Fakültesi dördüncü sinif ögrencisi Alpaslan Temen, Sabanci Vakfi'nin yurt di?indan kendisi için getirttigi özel steteskopla "hastalara dinleme yapma" sorununu asti...

(Because of the fact that the hearing-impaired medical student Temen at the Medical Faculty of Trakya University cannot auscultate patients due to his hearing aid, he received a special stethoscope from U.S.A....)

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