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Cardionics' Hearing Impaired Stethoscope Helps a Mother Hear Her Son's Heartbeat After Organ Donation

30 November, 2016

When Susan Hanson lost her son almost a year ago, she did not think she would hear his heartbeat once again in August 2016. Her 33 year-old son, Jordan Gill lost his life in a crash of his all-terrain vehicle. Although Jordan was not physically present in her life anymore, he went on living through Hayes, a 56 years old man who went through a heart transplant and received Jordan’s heart.

Finally, the day arrived when Susan and her daughter would be able to meet Hayes in person and listen to Jordan’s heartbeat. The long-awaited meeting was planned but there were hurdles that needed to be crossed. Susan had two Cochlear implants which would not allow her to listen to her son’s heartbeat through a regular stethoscope.

When our team at Cardionics learned about the situation, we were more than happy to donate our Hearing Impaired E-Scope to LifeNet, a non-profit organization that provides transplant solutions. Our stethoscope was sent to Susan and she finally heard Jordan’s heartbeat through Hayes.

This is what Daily Press had to say about Cardionics in their article – “She can only hear with the help of two Cochlear implants. She received the first in 2005 and the second in 2006. Because of that, she can't use a conventional stethoscope. In stepped a company called Cardionics, which makes a specially designed stethoscope for those who have hearing devices. The company donated the stethoscope to LifeNet Health. Moments later, Hanson put on a special stethoscope — she would be deaf if not for two Cochlear implants — and snapped her fingers to the beat of Gill's heart.”

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