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Why Choose the Cardionics Learning System?

Our Learning System is an innovative, holistic approach to auscultation and clinical education. With over a dozen products easily interconnected, the Learning System comprises comprehensive, instructive instruments in the classroom, simulation laboratory, and online.

Our goal is to give students the opportunity to practice critical skills in a fun, engaging way by equipping them with the most advanced tools available.



Learning System Products

SimShirt® System

SimShirt® System


Designed for comprehensive auscultation training in Standardized Patient simulation, the SimShirt System hosts a large library of cardiac, respiratory, bowel, and bruit sounds. With packages between 30 and over 100 sounds, the SimShirt System provides the clearest, most accurate sounds in the industry. The SimShirt System consists of the Cardionics proprietary SimScope®, SimShirt, and tablet with pre-installed software.

Product Numbers

  • SimShirt System: #718-3420

  • SimShirt Only: #718-3420

  • SimScope Tablet: #718-3440

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Auscultation without Sacrifice

Maintaining the human-to-human interaction in Standardized Patient simulation is critical for realistic, engaging education. With the SimShirt System, Standardized Patients will be able to wear the SimShirt while presenting realistic symptoms to students. This allows students to auscultate and diagnose independently, without instructors having to give away physiological sounds. The result is increased confidence in their skills and bedside manners.

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Anatomically Accurate

With RFID sensor tags woven precisely into the fabric of the SimShirt, students will auscultate at the anatomically-correct locations every time — anteriorly and posteriorly. This also reduces the amount of time required setting up and training Standardized Patients on auscultation sites.


Efficient, Effective Software

The SimShirt System is all-around capable, yet simple to operate. With a remarkably user-friendly interface, instructors can program their scenario in seconds. The sounds library can be customized according to specific curricula, and will always include the highest quality simulated sounds.


Wi-Fi Capable

With the SimScope Wi-Fi, instructors will be able to instantly alter the parameters of their scenario directly from the tablet. If a student initiates an intervention that requires a change in condition — or if the simulation requires efficient use of time — the built-in WiFi connectivity allows parameters to be altered on-the-fly.



Product Features

  • Simple one-on-one student to patient interaction

  • No SP training required

  • Listen at anatomically correct auscultation sites

  • Reusable and washable

  • Available in various sizes


What’s Included

  • SimShirt

  • SimScope WiFi

  • Tablet with pre-installed software


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