SAM Online Cardionics Online Learning

This student auscultation trainer, along with the SimScope stethoscope, simulates heart, lung, and bowel sounds utilizing a large sounds library.

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Catalog #: 717-9000

Technical Support: Unlimited

Warranty: 1 Year - Parts & Labor

NEW: One Year Institutional SAM On-Line Site License FREE with ownership of SAM II or PAT manikin.*

*Student Passwords Available and Sold Separately.

SAM Online provides access to 36 heart sounds, 24 lung sounds, 16 bowel sounds and 6 bruit sounds online for use anytime 24/7. Students, instructors, and practicing medical professionals alike are using SAM Online for at-home study, online instruction, and assessment of clinical auscultation skills.

SAM Online features excellent quality sounds along with lessons on each sound to help reinforce learning.

Whether pre-licensure, post-licensure, or practicing, SAM Online has proven to be a great value for students, instructors, nurses, and doctors.

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SAM On-Line provides access to 28 heart sounds, 22 breath sounds, 16 bowel sounds, and 4 bruit on-line 24/7. Students and practicing medical professionals alike are utilizing SAM Online for self-paced instruction and practice.

  • With 24/7 accessibility students can practice auscultation at their own pace and from their own computer.

  • Large Library of Sounds: 28 heart, 22 breath, 16 bowel, and 4 carotid bruit

  • All sounds are located at the correct anatomical sites: 
    4 heart locations, 8 breath locations (4 anterior, 4 posterior), 2 bowel locations, 1 bruit location.

  • Breath sounds can be diminished in lower lungs or in either side of the chest. 
    SAM On-Line can simulate pneumonia or pneumothorax.

  • Easily compare two sounds. This feature enables students to practice and distinguish subtle differences between sounds.

  • Over 40 lessons are included complete with illustrations, diagrams, phonocardiograms, and Q&A.

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