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Why Choose the Cardionics Learning System?

Our Learning System is an innovative, holistic approach to auscultation and clinical education. With over a dozen products easily interconnected, the Learning System comprises comprehensive, instructive instruments in the classroom, simulation laboratory, and online.

Our goal is to give students the opportunity to practice critical skills in a fun, engaging way by equipping them with the most advanced tools available.



Learning System Products

PAT® - Pediatric Auscultation Trainer

PAT® - Pediatric Auscultation Trainer


PAT — the Pediatric Auscultation Trainer — is the complete auscultation trainer for pediatric-specific conditions. Because pediatric care requires careful consideration of growth and developmental issues, PAT is designed to prepare students to readily recognize the signs and sounds associated with pediatric-specific disorders. With one of the largest libraries of pediatric sounds and intuitive instructional tools, PAT gives students everything they need to actively engage in their auscultation education.

Product Numbers

  • PAT (Light Skin): #718-8850

  • PAT (Dark Skin): #718-8950

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Pediatric-Specific Sounds Library

Effective assessment of pediatric patients is critical for ensuring proper care of this rapidly developing population. With that in mind, we built a library of sounds tailored to pediatric curricula — whether secondary or graduate level.


Clear, Accurate Sounds

Providing one of the largest libraries of pediatric sounds, PAT produces the clearest, most accurate sounds at their anatomically-correct locations. Students can auscultate anteriorly and posteriorly from a collection of over 100 cardiac, respiratory, bowel, and bruit sounds. And with built-in speakers, students are able to use their own stethoscopes — helping build confidence in their skills.


Ultra Portable

PAT is incredibly lightweight and portable. Easily integrated into any smart classroom or auditorium, PAT can enhance lectures by projecting sounds aloud and by modeling proper auscultation methods.


Complimentary 1-Year SAM Online License

PAT users receive a complimentary license for one year to SAM Online — an online platform with an extensive sounds library, comprehensive lesson guides, and tools to examine progress around-the-clock. Together with PAT, students will have constant access to the tools they need to master their auscultation skills.



Product Features

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Students use their own stethoscope

  • Large library of pediatric-specific heart, lung, bowel, and bruit sounds

  • Variable breath sounds between left/right lower lobes

  • Phonocardiograms

  • Smart classroom/auditorium ready

  • Customized volume adjustments

  • Lesson guides for each condition

  • Customizable lectures and scenarios


What’s Included

  • Pediatric manikin

  • Laptop with pre-installed software

  • PAT Lesson Guide DV (English, Spanish or German)

  • Operator's manual

  • 1 year of SAM Online

  • Free unlimited technical support

  • Extended warranty available


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