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Why Choose the Cardionics Learning System?

Our Learning System is an innovative, holistic approach to auscultation and clinical education. With over a dozen products easily interconnected, the Learning System comprises comprehensive, instructive instruments in the classroom, simulation laboratory, and online.

Our goal is to give students the opportunity to practice critical skills in a fun, engaging way by equipping them with the most advanced tools available.



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Learning Coronary Artery & Valvular Heart Disease

Learning Coronary Artery & Valvular Heart Disease

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Product Details

Formerly called “Learning Cardiology”. The coronary artery disease section covers angina and myocardial ischemia, anterior wall infarction, inferior wall infarction, LV aneurysm, and ischemic mitral regurgitation. The valvular heart disease section covers valvular heart disease, an atlas of echocardiography, and an EKG tutorial. It includes a clinical discussion, ECG, chest x-rays, auscultation, echocardiography and cath lab pressure curves with interpretation and discussion. A Site-License may be purchased as well as individual CDs.

This product is not compatible with 64-bit version of Windows.

Product Numbers

  • CD Only: #717-9146

  • License (1 Year): #717-9154

  • License Renewals: #717-9154R

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