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Clinical System

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Why Choose the Cardionics Clinical System?

Our Clinical System provides reliable equipment to medical professionals that is imperative to proper auscultation. Consisting of a line of electronic stethoscopes, the Clinical System enables physicians to amplify and analyze physiological sounds. For medical professionals or students with hearing loss, we offer top-grade solutions through our line of electronic stethoscopes.



Clinical System Products

Convertible-Style Headphones with 3.5mm Plug

Convertible-Style Headphones with 3.5mm Plug


Select either the model 718-0415 for use with ITE/BTE hearing aids or molds or model 718-0420 for use as a second listener. For use with E-Scope model 718-7710.

Product Details

  • Bridge is worn over the head or behind the head

  • Folds up for easy carrying

Product #718-0415

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