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Cardionics Products

Cardionics is an innovator and a leader in auscultation products and services that facilitate and support learning, clinical and Tele-Health systems. The Cardionics Learning System is a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning critical auscultation and clinical skills, and are used in the classroom, simulation lab and online. The Cardionics Clinical System is an inventive approach to auscultation in the clinical setting with a series of new technologies and tools that benefit medicine throughout the world. The Cardionics Tele-Health System is a new approach to sending and receiving a patient’s physiological sounds, such as the heart, breath and bowel sounds, from remote or rural locations to a physician or hospital where these sounds can be more effectively analyzed. Through all three unique, interactive and experimental systems, Cardionics approach continues to set the pace for auscultation products and services worldwide.

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